Triggering emails based on date field (from an appointment date)

Your software
Mautic Version: 2.15.1 (self-hosted)
PHP Version: PHP 7.2.18
Database Type: mysql_aurora
Database version: 5.7

Your problem
My problem is: We are a multi-site primary care and chiropractic clinic with a self-hosted version of Mautic for marketing communications. We built a custom integration from our EHR/EMR to automatically import basic patient contact information (hence the self-hosted version to comply with HIPAA). I am working on building a campaign workflow that triggers an email to patients based on their appointment date for a patient feedback survey. The timing is different depending on what type of provider you saw inside of our clinics. For example, we want to trigger an email to new primary care patients and specialists patients within 1 day of the visit. For chiropractic patients, we want to trigger an email within 10 days of the appointment date because of the likelihood of multiple appointments occurring in a timeframe.

We segment the two groups based on custom tags. But I need help setting up the Condition (based on appointment date, then to trigger the email).

So, we use a custom Contact Field called Recent Appointment Date. Here’s how it’s set-up currently… We have it set to execute this event immediately. The Operator is set to date. The value for the Primary Care patient segment would be Value=Tomorrow. For the Chiropractic side, we have the same contact field and operator, but Value=Custom (with 10 days).

Those Conditions is then tethered to the Action to send the patient feedback survey email. Are we using that data field condition correctly?

These errors are showing in the log: no errors

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: My tests don’t replicate the workflow that I have set up. I’ve changed the timeframe (minutes instead of days) for testing purposes. It’s really a question on how dates and the data from those dates flow through the logic inside Mautic. Does that make sense? Appreciate the help in advance.

For me it seems you need to set an ‘aftercare’ procedure.
My recommendation:

  1. create 2 segments, where you filter for
    (Primary Care)
    appointment date is more then 1 day (this means 1 day in the future from the appointment date)

  2. (Chriro)
    appointment date is more then 10 days (thuis mean 10 days after the appointment date)

Start a campaign with the segment 1, and set the first email to go out right awa. Since people will land in your segment 1 day after the appointment, the emai lshould go out right away after becoming member of the segment.

Rinse and repeat with Chiro segment + campaign

Good luck.