Two-Way Sync for Hubspot

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4.4

Your problem
I was surprised to find out that Hubspot contact sync is still only one direction. My question is if this is a limitation in Hubspot or if there’s an opportunity for a future enhancement of the plugin to get two-way sync working as it does in Salesforce and Pipedrive.

Can anyone share any insights? If it’s possible, we may be looking to sponsor this improvement in the near future.

I would love to see this! I know you can trigger a push via a form submission, but being able to push all modified records to Hubspot would be great! With the obvious circuit breaker of deciding which system wins if there is a conflict.

Have you considered this:
In campaign builder, action, push contact to integration, select hubspot.

Yes - that is how we are planning to work around things for now, but that only works if a campaign action set the field. If a form or a user sets a field, there’s no way to push the change, AFAIK, without a supporting campaign.

From a training standpoint, this presents a challenge because it means users have to know in Hubspot instances, you can’t update fields on contact records directly and any time you set a campaign action to update certain fields you have to also set a campaign action to push to Hubspot.

Am I missing something? Is it simpler than I’m making it out to be?

I was thinking there might be an opportunity to extend the plugin to handle push (mautic → HubSpot) using a lead save hook, and leave pull (HubSpot->Mautic) as pull. Since the push action could be limited to fields that had been edited, conflicts should be limited to when the same field is updated on both sides, and the HubSpot edit occurred in the time between the last cron pull and the save event on the Mautic side, which should be a very limited occurance.

the contact just needs to be added to a segment. A campaign can do the rest.
Maybe users can add a tag, and the segment filters all contact with a tag.
Or maybe the segment filters all contacts with updated date today (did not check this)