Universal Inbox?

Apologies for not installing and playing with Mautic yet. Before I do, I would like to know if it will be a good fit for us.

Does Mautic have anything like a universal inbox for email, social, GMB and SMS out of the box?

If not, are there good plugins for it? Or, would we need to develop that ourselves?

If we need to create it or modify Mautic to make it work, would it be easy or difficult?

(To answer that last question you may have to check my profile. Seems too long to add here.TLDR; I’m a coder, sort of.)

Hi @markr,
Mautic has no “inbox” like a CRM would have. The same for Social and SMS - What do you mean by GMB?

There are lots of plugins out there which do a pretty good job to connect to lots of services. (i.e sending SMS)
The developer documentation is getting better and better. IMO you can develop your own things quite easily (depends on the languages you know)

Mautic works out of the box. You don’t need to modify it. But you need to know what you want to to with it. It is a marketing-automation tool. It is not an inbox or social media scheduler nor a CRM. There are plenty of plugins ready to use i.e connect it to hubspot or sugarcrm and so on.
It also offers you a lot of possibilities with webhooks and the api.

If you don’t want to code you can use software like n8n or zapier to connect Mautic with other software.

Long story short, there are too many ways and use-cases to say if Mautic would fit your needs/wishes. I guess you need to install it and play around:
Here’s the link to the official Mautic docs how to install:

And here’s a video on how to install Mautic:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:
And I hope it’s fine to drop my own video in here as well…

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Thanks Alex! I suppose my confusion comes from not understanding what Mautic does and doesn’t do, or where it needs a CRM or CMS to take over. My apologies. I thought Mautic did more. Many people seem to confuse it with a CRM. I wonderd if maybe it is slowly becoming one, or maybe plugins already exists to do this with it.

My wife, who runs a boutique marketing agency, got sucked into what I think is an overpriced subscription to provide SAAS to her clients. I won’t mention the company here. But, the one thing she really wants is their universal inbox feature. She also wants to give her clients the ability to send and receive SMS messages from the software.

It sounds like what I would have to do to replicate that functionality would be to integrate something like Mautic with a CRM that has some kind of universal inbox, if that exists. Anyone know if that exists? Or a plugin for a CRM? Sorry, I know that’s off topic and out of the scope of this forum.

Edit: GMB stands for the Google My Business service from Google :slight_smile:

Edit 2: Been telling my wife for a year that I’m pretty sure I could build all this functionality into a Wordpress plugin. But, I had a hunch that I shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel and maybe there are better ways to approach this, like maybe Mautic with a CRM. Just thinking out loud here. Hopefully you guys can shed some light on this. If you can’t. I get it. That’s ok too. But, I have to ask.

Mautic functions creatively. It doesn’t need to be changed. But you must be aware of your intentions. It is a tool for marketing automation. It is not a social media scheduler, an inbox, or a CRM. There are several ready-to-use plugins available, so you may link it to HubSpot, SugarCRM, and other services. You can also take help from the experts to create a wikipedia page and With webhooks and the api, it also provides you with a wide range of options. Use n8n or zapier to connect Mautic with other programmes if you don’t want to learn how to code.

Hi @markr

You can use Make for example to connect to a CRM or third-party services that offer the “universal mailbox” functionalities you mention.

If you want to separate Mautic INBOX’s, you can add mailboxes for “notifications”, “unsubscribes” or “bounces”, for example, in the settings for Sendmail.

For sophisticated things, typical of a CRM and not of a CMS, it is better to refer to specific tools.

As you say, Mautic doesn’t need to be a CRM, although with plugins you can do some very cool things! :wink: