Unlayer | Free email editor to build responsive email templates


I have been checking https://unlayer.com/ for other needs that we have and saw that they list Mautic as one of the platforms they support.

Their studio app is capable of making very nice responsive emails and landing pages, has cdn capabilities and costs 15usd which includes stock images. For us it looks like a very stable and capable system.

Have any one here tried to use it and have some hands on experience that he can share?

I’m wondering the same, just can’t seem to figure out how to integrate the builder with Mautic like they claim.

In the meantime, I’ve tried Stripo https://stripo.email - and it connects nicely to Mautic via API and exports an email in the Channels → Emails page. Not editable though, only in Stripo and you export again.

have not tried this but came across it: YOYO DEV - Store - MauticUnlayerBundle

Well we didn’t use unlayer with mautic. We have used it with another program that we are using.
The output was imported and edited by hand to add the dir=rtl and it was 98% good.
Fully responsive and very easy to import.