Updated Plivo Plugin

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Another share for the community
It is unsupported and public for ppl to fork and enhance

Why Plivo

  • Its cheaper than Twilio (50% on outbound and free on inbound)
  • You can change the sender ID without verification (country dependent - be mindful of local laws)

Sender ID - further dev required in plugin
Application here is when we sync from Salesforce we bring in User mobile number connected per contact. Currently this is a custom field on the contact

Historically we have then just webhook to n8n to handle all the sending functions for which this plugin is attempting to resolve, but adds another layer of config pains.

Things to do Resolve/Enhance

  • mautic.WARNING: PHP Warning - Trying to access array offset on value of type null /app/bundles/SmsBundle/Form/Type/SmsSendType.php - at line 75

  • messages through errors “command”:“mautic:campaigns:trigger”,“message”:“Mautic\ChannelBundle\EventListener\CampaignSubscriber::sendChannelMessage(): Argument #3 ($messageChannel) must be of type array, null given, called in /home/domain/htdocs/domain.com.au/app/bundles/ChannelBundle/EventListener/CampaignSubscriber.php on line 175”}

  • setup a means of changing the source sender ID based on user or a field on the contact record
    (Ideally would like to sync users with a new mobile field, then send sms to contact from contact owner in a similar manner as email. Plugin has a placeholder for a contact api field, which I hope to have a stopgap solution to lookup the alternative user number per contact (alot of redundant data))

  • setup a means of changing the e164 phone number country code per contact, currently coded to a plugin param (ie cleaning up the mobile phone to international standard)

  • unsubscription handling - I personally use n8n for this but could be done with a call back via PHLO

  • plivo delivery response handling

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Not ready for production
Got myself a memory leak