Use mautic with Wordpress and ThriveThemes: Contact created but no points tracked


I’m new to mautic and I try to set up a little test environment. For this I tried a installation on our hosting service siteground using softaculous (mautic version v2.16.0). The installation works without any problems.

For my test I insert the tracking code in two different wordpress pages. After some little problems with the tracking code (I got ERR_ABORTED 500 error with the js-snippet) which I solved with change the php version of mautic in siteground to php 7 and I deleted the app/cache/prod directory it seems to work fine.

After this I created api credentials in mautic and create to forms in workpress using thrive themes with the mautic api. This works fine. If I submit the forms (for example: a new contact is created in mautic.

But heres my problem: When I visit the page I see that there is an new visitor on the page when I toggle anonymous contacts. But after submit the thrive themes form there is a new contact - but no points where tracked for this contact.

So I created a mautic landingpage with a mautic form to check how this works. And with this page and form tracking works and after submitting the mautic form there is a new contact and all the tracking points of the pages the contact visits before submitting the form.

How can I solve this problem and what is the reason for it? Is it a problem in mautic, in thrive themes or in the thrive-themes-mautic-connection?

Hope you can help me with this!

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Your software
My Mautic version is: v2.16.0
My PHP version is: 7.1.33

These errors are showing in the log: No errors in log


I asked for this in the thrive themes forum too and the answer was that the api integration in thrive themes doesn’t have tracking integration.

So this is not a mautic issue but a thrive themes api issue.

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I have just discovered the same issue. The short term annoying fix is don’t use thrive lead gen forms but rather create tge forms in mautic and deploy them on the thrive pages. Much more work and messing about with CSS.

I would love this to be fixed. We need many of us to request that Thrive fix their mautic api integration

There are new developments on the ThriveThemes integration, see Mautic 3.0.0: 'This form is no longer available' - Thrive Leads.

And please do vote on for them to bring it back.

I have finally figured out how to connect Thrive Leads with Mautic without losing any of the power of either tools.