What the best way to update tags

I set up Mautic where contact may have 1 or more tags depending their position or status in our organization which changes every 2 years by votes.

Example one tag we have is DO which is for District Official totaling about 152 contacts where about average 25 contacts get voted out and new one voted in every 2 years.

What the best way to update DO contact taking the tag off ones that was voted out and putting on the ones that was voted in? (excel file contains current district officials)

It was easy to do it for first time by importing an excel file and apply tag to it but I wonder how I import the latest excel file and update those who lost tag and those who gain tag.

One thing I could think of is to find a way to remove the DO tag from all contacts and import latest excel district official file to have tag reapplied back on those who won recent vote, would that work?

Or is there a better way to do it?

Thank you

Since there no replies and I am posting what I did to do this.

First, I created a campaign that remove the tags from all contacts with the District Official tag.

Deleted the campaign (or unpublish it)

Then, I imported the latest District Official contact CSV assigning the tag back on it.