When would Mautic 5.x approximately ready for using in business?

Can anyone here estimate when Mautic 5.x will be ready for normal work in business?

I’d like to build landingpages and want to wait after 5.x is running well.


From following the bug reports in GitHub, I’d say it’s a ways off.

I hope they can get the major issues sorted and squarely focus on making a flawless code base we can depend on before adding more features.

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We do have a bunch of bug fixes which just need users of Mautic to help us test. If you can use Mautic, you can test the fixes. It’s all done in the web browser and we spin Mautic up for you with the fix applied. All that’s needed is a GitHub account to add a comment, which is free.

This helps enormously with sorting out the bugs, getting them into a release, and out to you, the users.

Here’s the docs on how to help test:

Here’s where you can find bugs to help test:

I’ve filtered the list by bugs.

Anything in the Needs 2 Tests or Needs 1 more test columns are good ones to pick, 1 more test means you could actually get that bug fix deployed to a release by testing as we need 2 tests and 1 code review on every bug fix.

Your help would be super appreciated if you can spare an hour or two during the week to test a few bug fixes!

At the moment we have 228 bug fixes, features and enhancements which are going to be released in 5.1 imminently, once we get a couple of critical bugs fixed which have arisen just recently.