Why I cant create email on my mautic? Please help me

Why I cant create email on my mautic? Please help me
Why this problem facing i don’t know.
Please see this image below.
My instlation link is ok. and main domain is “Digital Daudul

Thank You

What happens if you click on Builder after selecting the template? (in the upper right menu)

I created a template. Then click on save and close button. But when I click the mail option again, I see that no template has been saved. And it says no result found. See the picture.
Thank you very much for the response.

Do you see any errors when you click on the gear icon (right upper corner) > System Info > Log?
Also: everything green in System Info > Permissions?


Ok sir Lets check

Ok. Let’s.
And plz share the results here.

sir sorry for late answer - and thank yuo for reply me.
first of all am created a email see- image 1 9 (step-1)
second - i clicked save abd close button (image-2) step2 and see - image no 3 setp-3
and finally - i am trying to see my email on mail section. but there is no email on there…
step -4 you see my system log info…

please tel me what happen.
thank you

can you plz tell me what you see here?

Sir See this image about current log… [sir may i give you my user pass…]
thank you

You also have logs on file system located at: mautic/var/logs/

Send me your login in PM,

How can i solution it ?

Not sure I understand the question. Log files on the filesystem have the location of /var/logs.

You can view it over ssh in terminal or download the files and look at the logs.

Also I believe @joeyk asked for credentials to be sent over a private message not to be posted on a public forum.

Please change credentials to your mautic instance.

Sorry @mddaudul I deleted your creds from your post.
My evil twin brother is looking out for logins, logs in into your account and changes your sender name to Donald Trump. I guess you don’t want that.

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