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Why no link tracking on *only* Yahoo

Is it standard that link tracking will work with some ISPs and not others?

Same email registers link url hits except when they go to Yahoo email, and those emails, when links inside are clicked, so no activity in the reports.

I’m running v2.13.1, PHP 7.0.30 on a Bitnami stack and am having problems with the tracking of email links in Campaign emails. I’m collecting my email using Gmail…

When I run a test, I can see in the received email that the links are created properly, that is they redirect the user BACK to my Mautic site before redirecting the user to the underlying link/URL - that functionality works as it should.

What is NOT working is ANY sort of data storage of that ‘click’ on the link in the email… I look at the email -> Click Counts - Clicks and Unique Clicks and there is NOTHING, no data whatsoever, but as mentioned above, the process is doing what it should - rewriting the URL in the email and redirecting the user when that link is clicked.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to trouble shoot this issue?

Thanks for your time and patience