Will this hardware specs work for such usecase?

Hi guys, I wanted to move 2 businesses that I manage to Mautic from Klaviyo, I plan to deploy 2 separate docker instances/containers, one for each business, and possibly add up to 5 instances in the future, and was wondering if the following specs can handle them:

  • 4 cores EPYC Milan vCPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 4GB SWAP
  • 60GB NVMe 4.0 RAID-10
  • 2TB Monthly Bandwidth

I’m also looking into a VDS instead with the following specs from Hetzner:
2 dedicated EPYC cores, 8GB RAM, 80GB NVMe Storage and 20TB Monthly Bandwidth.

More info on the brands that I handle, I plan to use Mautic for newsletters, one of them is a cosmetics brand, their contact list is < 200 and they don’t send bulk emails everyday, maybe every week or so they send 1 to 2 emails to their list. The other brand is a startup and literally no contact list as of the moment. Down the line I might add up to 3 brands with relatively small contact list around 500 to 1500 contacts each.