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Ability to resend unopen/unclicked emails with a different subject line

When a contact is being sent a campaign email, but hasn’t opened it or opened it but didn’t click any link contained in the email, it would be nice to be able to run a campaign action to resend the email with a different subject line…

I know it is possible to use the send email action in campaigns to resend the same email with the same subject line. This has a disadvantage in the sense that it doesn’t appear fresh to the reader and could become annoying…thereby making the reader to mark them as spam in extreme cases.

However, if there’s an option to resend the same email with a different subject line, it would help to increase engagement…and help Mautic users increase their conversion rate.


I love that, lots of email marketing providers have that build in now with a “one click button” or just a checkmark that reads “automatically resend to unopens”

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One way to work around this for now is to use the “jump to section” in the latest mautic releases.

However, this have a negative effect of resending the same email repeatedly until the contact reads or click it.

Using this work around could seem aggressive, and it is…so it should be used in conjunction with the option of removing the contact from the campaign if they didn’t read or click after several retries.

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I agree, almost every autoresponder I’ve used (Aweber, Getresponse, etc.) that do not even claim to be an automation machine offers the option to “automatically resend to unopens”.

Hopefully by bumping this to the top, it will get some attention.

Totally agree with this, this would be an awesome feature to add :slight_smile:

Learn the power of tags. If they click the link, tag them. Add another email in your campaign sequence to send the same mail with a different subject line only if they don’t get tagged after X amount of time.