Why does Mautic resend emails to all contacts instead only to unopened?


when I ask Mautic to send emails only to those that haven´t opened the previoues email, it sends it to ALL contacts that got the previous emails, not just the unopens.

I am running self-hosted Mautic 2.16.3, all is running smoothly, sending everything out, no problems anywhere and until recently I have been using just the segment mailings, not campaigns.

Now that I set up my first campaign, Mautic sends out Email 1 as requested. People receive it.

I have it then set up so that if the contacts don´t open Email 1 within 7 days, Mautic should send them Email 1 again.

But instead, Mautic sends Email 1 to ALL contacts in the segment, not just the ones that didn´t open the first time.

This is the campaing:

Can you see any errors or logical mistakes on my part that could be causing this?

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

(a. The tagging in the campaign works fine. b. I created the Resend Email 1 command of the campaign after 10 days of sending out the first email.)

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Can you fetch your tracking pixel manually?
Have you tried to add step from Opened email to tag opens to make sure tracking pixel is served?

In your configuration > Email > Message settings > Append tracking pixel into email body ? Is yes selected?
base64 encoding enabled?

Any errors in logs?

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How does the “Tracking Pixel” assist and what does it do for me as a user? As I am experiencing the same issue.

However, I want to know what “Decision”, “Action”, “Condition” or tag/filter can be added so that those that opened the first email do not receive the second?

Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

What @EJL is asking is correct, are you seeing tracking on the emails, for example you say that someone who has opened an email is still getting emails from the negative path.

Can you confirm that Mautic is flagging a person as read who has read the email, if tracking and wbhooks are not set up correctly and Mautic is not able to determine if a person has opened a mail, it will assume the person did not open the mail and hence go down the red path.

Also it will help to provide some logs messages, you can extract the basic ones from Mautic -> Settings -> System Info -> Logs

and even better if you have ssh access from /var/log/nginx/mautic.error or apache/. whatever server you are using

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Thank you for your reply Mike! I do not have a webhook or tracking employed at this time. I have not done this before but am seeking guidance on how to achieve the desired outcome. I have only been using Mautic for about 3 weeks…that’s been on the fly learning, searching, reading to understand. We have been using Mailchimp and I am working at making the full jump to Mautic. When it comes to coding I can usually get the job done, but it takes time. And our current Cron Job schedule isn’t yet conducive to testing as much as I would like.


Small point of reference. I would move the clicked link condition below the opened email condition. Common sense tell us they have to open before they click, but many email servers scan links contained within emails as a part of spam determination and to prevent malware and thus triggers false clicks in stats. If you assign a point value to open email, and points to clicked, you may get a more accurate indication of the recipients interaction.


Thank you for the diagram example and the coaching on the the setup. I am already assigning points to obtain a more accurate indication of interaction. Thanks again!

Hello @nomadik-1. I just found out about Mautic two days ago and just like you trying to jump out from Mailchimp. Any tip? Any advice?. Right now I´m trying to complete the installation and figuring out the Cron jobs stuff. By the way, I´m not a technical guy.

Hi @robert.luna2020

Follow these directions to install: https://www.linuxbabe.com/ubuntu/install-mautic-self-hosted-email-marketing-platform-ubuntu-18-04

Or for 3.x https://www.linuxbabe.com/ubuntu/install-mautic-self-hosted-email-marketing-ubuntu-20-04

Pretty easy.

What server farm are you using ?

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Thank you for replying so @robert.luna2020 received the information he needed in a timely manner.

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My apologies for not having responded long before now. i am blessed to have a dept. cohort who handles the backend setup and maintenance for our company’s Mautic instance. We have hired a few backend processes to a "Freelancer - with Mautic credentials.