Add e-mails that reply to a campaign

Is it possible to add e-mails that reply to an e-mail address to a campaign/tag them?

Is this also possible if the e-mail is not yet in the mautic database before the reply?

Hey @blackswan - I am not sure I fully understand your question, maybe you can explain better with an example ?

I will tru give an answer to my understanding.

Lets say you have a campaign setup to send email out to Segment X. Emails get sent out to segment X, you have a decision/condition based on the outcome of the email sent to segment X, and if this condition is met you want to send an email to a email address that is no inside Mautic.

In this case you would use the Action “Send to User” and here you can send an email to whoever you want, and you can also add in all the custom fields of the user that is already inside mautic that has met your condition or decision.

Hope that helps