Campaign Event Scheduling in Mautic 4.4.9

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My Mautic version is: 4.4.9
My PHP version is: 7.4.33
My Database type and version is: MySQL 8.0.28-19

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My problem is:
Last year I ran a campaign where I send Email A. If it’s not replied within 14 days, I send Email B. My setting looked like this:

This year, I wanted to run a similar campaign: “Send Email A. If it’s not replied within 4 days, send Email B”, so I used a very similar setting:

What happens this year is that Mautic waits for 4 days. If the contact is not replied, schedules the next email 4 days later, rather than as soon as possible!

I checked all the logs I could think of, and in the last year’s campaign, the scheduler was working differently: it would wait for 14 days, and if no reply, it would schedule the next email ASAP, not after another 14 days.

Is this the new behaviour in Mautic 4.4.9? Or am I missing something here?


I am not sure if there has been a change in campaign logic but try setting the 4 day delay on the condition check node rather than the email send node and see if that solves the issue.

My logic tells me that Mautic will send email 1, then wait 4 days before checking for a reply, if there is no reply it will send email 2.

Your screen grab has the set up of checking condition immediately after sending the email 1, then waiting for 4 days to send the email 2 (thats how I read it)

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Thanks @robm

Maybe I did not get it clearly how I should use Decision vs Condition. In this scenario, I have the following logic:

  1. Action: Send Email A
  2. Decision: “Replies to email” . The dialog for this one does not take a delay parameter.
    A. True? “Action → Change contact’s stage right away”
    B. False? “Action → Send Email B in 4 days”

I checked to see if I can replace Decision in step 2 with a Condition, but there is no Condition for Replies to email!

Recreated your campaign.

I think there has been update in later versions. For the negative branch → send email 2 "Execute this event if the contact does not take action… " “Within a relative time period” and you can set how long the campaign must wait to see if the condition becomes true, if it does not become true the email is sent.

It should not then wait an additional 4 days after the condition has become true as it is in your case. That would be bug I expect.

I think there has been a few posts about this recently so do a search.

You are right. Turns out it’s a bug. If you choose hours, it should work ok, but not days.