Campaign Manager: Scheduled Campaigns and updated preferences

Hi Guys,

We’ve got a campaign set up to run with a 48hr delay on the initial segment. If in that window the communications preferences or email address update for the player, does that update too?

For example:

  1. Monday: Customers A & B enters a new email campaign.
  2. Campaign Manager has a “wait 2 days” criteria
  3. Tuesday: Customer A’s data changes so they no longer fit in the segment criteria; Customer B changes their email address & the field updates accordingly
  4. Wednesday: The email sends.

In this instance, do Customers A & B receive an email, and if yes, to which email addresses?

Any ideas?


  1. Email will be sent to the email address in the system at the moment when it’s sent, not when it’s scheduled.

  2. If a contact is not a member of the segment, will be kicked out from the campaign and all previously scheduled actions will be undone.

So my answer would be:

“A” won’t recieve any email
“B” will get an email to the new address

Hi Joey,

Thanks for the clarification. I thought you said on the training course that it was scheduled via the USP before “wait 2 days” rather than after. My bad. Happy days all round.

cheers mate.

You are welcome.
Yes, content is scheduled, but will be delivered to the actual email address.