Check if user set as do not contact on a campaign?

Hey, I have a contact form on my site that trigger a campaign when someone contact me.
When the campaign i am sending a message to the user saying i got his message.

The problem is if the user unsubscribe from the contact list he won’t get a message saying i got his contact form details.

Is there a Conditions that allow me to check if the user set as do not contact.
The idea is to subscribe him again, send the message and unsubscribe him.


In the actions for a new form submission, there is the option to remove the contact from the do not contact list. Set that as the action on form submission. If the contact has completed a form why would you want t unsub him or her after they filled out your form?

Hey thanks for the answer,

  1. From my past check the option to remove the contact from the do not contact list doesn’t work on the forms option
  2. If i send email from regular form i can’t do action based on the fact if the user opened the mail or not which mean i have to send the email from a campaign and not by form

I didn’t said i want to unsub him i said i only want to unsub him if he was already was unsubed before contacting me.

So if the user was subscribed in the past to my list and unsub he won’t get email from mautic if he filled a contact form (because he is set to do not contact).

What i need is a way to check if he is unsub from inside a campaign so i can resubscribe him again only to send one message and then unsub him again so he won’t keep getting emails.

  1. Create campaign form
  2. Use form as entry into campaign.
  3. Remove from do not contact list action
  4. Send email
  5. Track if they open or not
  6. Set action based on open email status.

Still not getting why you would unsub the contact after they filled in a form. If they filled in a form they are asking to be contacted again, regardless of what there status was before they filled in the form.

But you could create as segment for all unsubs. In the campaign add an action based on the condition of membership of the unsub segment, and then send your email and then add add the action to unsub them once again.

Hey thanks for your reply,

I have users who subscriber (from a subscriber form or contact form) and were on my list and after some time remove themself from the list.

After they removed themself from the list they contact me from a contact form (not a subscribe form) and normally when someone contact me i subscribe him. In that case the user contact me for my services and not for the newsletter as he already unsub in the past.

Given the fact that i have about 30 sites and and 5 of them connected to the system via the contact page that caused some problems and it’s better to just leave them unsub.

Your solution is interesting but it create different problem,

Is there an automatic way to insert users to unsub to a segment?

I wasn’t able to find an option that allow that