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Mailing to a person previously unsubscribed

Hello again … another issue to test.

If a form is set to immediately Send an Email to Contact but at the same time is set to immediately Remove Contact from Do Not Contact, will both actions happen simultaneously? Does one take precedence?

Should Remove Contact from Do Not Contact be set prior to sending any email to make sure the email is sent correctly to a person if previously unsubscribed?


You don’t have to worry about precedence.
Form emails igonre channel “do not contact”.
Here is a video explaining everything.
I’ll add it to the Mautic docs once I have some time.

Wow Joey. Very complete!

Still have a few questions.

  1. RSS generated mailings via Jump To events on campaigns. The developer indicates the mailings should be set to transactional? Would you agree? If it’s set to marketing, would those periodic emails NOT go out since they have the same id? From the testing I’ve done so far - set as transactional - there is no precedence:bulk. What is your opinion?

  2. From your video, a direct form action ignores the DO NOT CONTACT status of the contact to send an email confirmation. However, does it change the person’s status? Or do they remain untouched?

  3. Does a campaign form also ignore the DO NOT CONTACT status if a concurrent action is to send a transactional email confirmation. Currently we are removing the DO NOT CONTACT status simultaneously with the sent email. What’s your opinion?

  1. Finally, is the DO NOT CONTACT setting a system wide setting, for both published and unpublished segments independent of the preference center?

A 1000x thanks for all this great work!