Disconnect a contact from an already-sent segment-email to force re-send

Use case:

jan => Alice registers with the email alice@hotmail.com - Gets into the segment “flowers”
feb => Alice registers alice@gmail.com but does not communicate us
mar =>Alice stops reading her alice@hotmail.com
apr => We send a promotion “Flower shop” in a segment email. This is evergreen so each month we’ll send out the same promotion email and Mautic will take care to send only to new contacts. This includes Alice at alice@hotmail.com - The email gets properly sent.
may => People continue to enter in the “flowers” segment. Only new addresses get the email.
jun => Alice reports to our Customer Care the new email address alice@gmail.com

Question => How I can “detach” alice from the “Flower shop email already has been set” mark so next time I click on “send” on the promotional email Alice gets also added to the queue (to her new email address)?