Dynamic Content won’t work

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.3
My PHP version is: 7.4

My problem is:

Can’t get dynamic content to show up.

For a non campaign. On a simple test on a random page of our website. Using the div code and sample provided in the documentation.

Have read that CORS needs to be set up? On the non Mautic site? Can someone confirm?

Would cloudflare proxy play a role? In blocking the content?

Tracking works fine; triggers the point assessed, etc. But will not trigger the dynamic content.

I’ve set CORS heading at .htaccess but nothing. In fact I’ve tested both with same domain and with original Mautic domain.

Any ideas dear forum members?

How do I add dynamic content in power automate?

We can use the button to open the dynamic content or press the key combination Ctrl + space . The dynamic value list opens and you can immediately search for the correct value. It looks a lot nicer and it’s more in line with your workflow

Hey @kevin_david_k
What is power automate?
Are you trying to add web dynamic content or email?

@miamiman : Plz make sure you are testing it with a browser, where you had no login to Mautic. Once you logged in, you’ll be an admin, and no dynamic content will be visible for you.

Maybe I’m not understanding what dynamic content is or how it is supposed to function.

1. Set DWC as not campaign.

2. Set filter, for firstname this case, myself.

3. Include code in landing page.

<div data-slot="dwc" data-param-slot-name="myslot">
  <h1>Dynamic web content for myslot</h1>


4. Page triggers successfully on Chrome browser; I use FF for backend login.

5. Nothing happens?

Where am I going wrong?

I hate having to answer my own questions, but for anyone else, it seems my filter on First Name is not working properly. I changed to my Email, and voilà!


And finally for anyone else needing help … leadfield is not correct, at least, not in my settings. Shoudl be contactfield.

… and you get desired dynamic content.

Yes, leadfield was probably in a very old tutorial.
The point is, that you cannot be Mautic admin user in the same browser when you check dynamic content, focus items and regular page tracking. Won’t work.
This is for your own good: testing won’t skew your stats.