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Editing an active campaign

I do not see any advantages of not sending emails added…
It is intuitive that newly added campaign emails are sent to all contacts in the campaign.
This should work.this way.

Hey @magician and @crankit - someone on slack helped me out.

Here’s the steps to make it work:

@theatereleven - what I understand this plugin reset the contact-campaign status and give possibility to re-send all campaign.
What I talking about is - after add NEW email to campaign I need to this mail should sent to all contacts which are in inside campaign and got last email from campaign.

I don’t want re-send all emails from campaign. only send new ones.

Hey @magician - Exactly. I talk about that in the steps at the link above. Basically, it’s how you specify the email type in the campaign.

This works with the new version v2.11.0 ?


I haven’t tested in the latest version. I think I was on 2.9.1 when testing.

Thanks for reply
I was playing with it in the last couple of hrs but nothing i didn’t made it to work with the last version