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Email status on Mautic

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.3.3
My PHP version is: 7.4.21
My Database type and version is: mysqlnd 7.4.21

Your problem
My problem is: Emails are sending out successfully however its showing only sent status however the Read status is appearing as 0. I sent email to all my personal emails and all the emails were read as well but the status is still appearing as Read 0 so please advise?

These errors are showing in the log:

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

Did you set up the email sending crons properly? Are you using queue?
There is a complete Video tutorial how email sending works covering all the answers above:

I have already gone through this video however my issue is different. My campaigns are running fine and the emails are also going out to the recipients. The recipients are opening their emails however the stats of read emails are not updating in Mautic. Please refer to the attached screen shot which will help you to understand this issue.

I see. When you open an email for the recipient, do you see the tracking pixel in the email?

Where can I see that tracking pixel on the email on the recipient? I tried two mautic email template for my testing. One is with images and one is without images however I can’t see any tracking pixel while creating those emails?

According to the docs the email pixel will be added into each email upon send.
Unless you turned it off in the Config - Emails

So open an email that you send as a real send (not test email) view original and look for the tracking pixel (its a gif)

I can see the below gif location in the recipient source email, so is this the tracking code?

if this is the tracking code then how can I check the same in mautic? I am sending you the email source file for your checking.

Yes, it looks like this. When you click on it, it should load.

no its now opening. Getting the below error.

404 Not Found


Is it a test email or a real send?

This is the the status of the link if try to open from the campaign which I had received from my mautic. Looks like something is wrong with this link. Attached is the copy of the email as part of the email campaign from my mautic.

What exactly is wrong? I don’t see the link on the screenshot.
Plz note, that Outlook might hide the tracking pixel based on security settings.

I don’t think this is an outlook issue as I am facing the same on my gmail account also. Please check the attached for the same and advise.

I had a similar issue with links not working. I fixed it by turning off email tracking with the email provider. They were overwriting the mautic tracking and that was causing the issue.

thanks for your response. I my case I am using office365 email account in mautic so by any chance do you know how can I stop tracking in Office365?

Here’s the guide:
You should find the outlook options. Then to click on the Trust center settings button and check the boxes labeled to download pictures in HTML email or encrypted or signed HTML email messages or RSS items. Of course, you can make a number of exceptions if you want. I’ve recently tried to check the new email tracking tool and send messages to my own emails. I’ve found there the ability to disable tracking or to add exceptions, and this really works. But I hope some users will allow me to track their emails because I need some info about my products.