How do you configure Mautic for multiple emails to the same domain

I’m on the sales side and digital strategy side. We have had success for our clients with cold email campaigns through Mautic. At this point, our development team knows how to send from one Mautic email. I know we will run into a company that wants multiple salespeople sending out emails. How is this achieved without setting up a new domain with mautic installed on that server with a new email to the domain?

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Hi chinup and welcome to the community.

You can add any sender email in the ‘advanced’ tab by the email templates.
However the SMTP you use might need to allow you to send via those email addresses.
This depends on the SMTP provider.

There is also a setting by Settings - Email Settings - Sender is the owner, where you can define that senders should be the owners of a contact. Requirement is, to make separate logins for your salespeople and let them upload the contacts as their own. Once this setting is set, all emails sent by your salespeople will be sent from their email address.

Good Luck!