How to create a reminder campaign based on a variable future date?

I am building a campaign for a client. The funnel gets people to book a 30min slot via something like calendly (I am not fussy on what calendar booking tool to use)

I want to create a campaign that will send reminder emails to the contact 3,2 and 1 day before the date. The date of the actual call will be different for each contact.

I have 2 questions

  1. How can I capture the date and time of the call selected by the contact to Mautic. I assume this will depend on the tool used.

  2. How can I create a reminder campaign using that future date? The campaign needs to work for each contact with each contact having their own unique call date and time.

Hey @robm

  1. Yes it will.
  2. If I am not mistaken you would use the date field you pass and then have the parameter equal -3 days, check out this post

Thanks busy playing and failing. Seems the forum is full of people battling with this, now that I know what to search for.

I create the campaign

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 5.10.13 PM

And set the custom date field

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 5.15.15 PM

And set the appt date custom field as a date field and selected tomorrow’s date, did not choose date AND time as time seems to be a bug.
Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 5.17.02 PM

The condition keeps failing reminder email is not sent.

I have tried all the options for the custom date option in the campaign builder.

Is there an error someone can spot or offer any guidance on how best to achieve this? Ideally, I would like it to be time based but lest pick our battles.