How to sync a segment with google sheet?

I want to auto-sync a segment with a google sheet. I am using Mautic to manage race entries and I want to display a list of paid-up confirmed entries on my WP site.

I have looked at Zapier and similar to do the job but none of their available triggers involve segment updates. I can use Zapier to trigger on contact update but that pushes any contact who has any update to the google sheet.

Anu suggestion on how I can auto export a segment to a google sheet, or add a new row in the sheet with the details of a new segment member?

Hey @robm

The first thing that came to mind was using Webhooks, maybe to have a campaign set up that will fire off a Webhooks to Google Sheets.
No idea if this is possible, but did a search for “google sheet Webhooks” and there were a few results and from the few minutes I looked seems like it may be possible…

Have a glance at this: Making a Webhook with Google Sheets | Expandi Help Center

Thanks Mike, very interesting.

I did manage to find a solution. I built a scenario in Integromat. Integromat uses a webhook to listen for any contact updates in Mautic. Then I used a filter to look for a particular tag. If they had the tag it sent them to a google sheet.

I had a hassle in that if anyone with the tag, who was already in the google sheet, was edited in mautic, they would re added as a row in the sheet. To fix that I found and set up a google app script that looks for duplicates and deletes them in the sheet. I set the app to run every minute.

I then used a WP plugin that live pulls in google sheet data and shows it in a table on the site.

Result - as soon as someone enters my race and pays for their entry, they are tagged and magically appear on the confirmed entry list on the race website.

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