Huge delay in automated mails + Fake download count


I just arrived to Mautic a couple of months ago. I work for a company which uses Mautic from the last 2-3 years, and I recently noticed that there is a huge delay in the automated mails, specially in which are files/actives related. I’m talking about hours or even days to receive a mail (I have proven it in my own personal mail account)

That delay is so long that a lot of clients contact us because the files/actives they have asked for never come up to them mails.

Is anybody experiences something similar?

By the way, the download count of the files/actives is trully fake. It seems that it is countig x3 each download

Thanks in advance. Greetings!!

Hi @pablo.ezp,

You’re facing two distinct issues:

The first one, concerning the delay in sending automated emails, is related to the Crons. Crons are scheduled tasks that Mautic executes in the background to perform various operations, such as sending emails. If they are misconfigured or not running correctly, this can result in significant delays in email delivery.

As for the second issue, the incorrect counting of file downloads - in emails, I believe - is because some email providers block the code that allows us to count the downloads. I tried to find the source of the information for you on the forum, but I couldn’t. I believe it was on Slack.

However, the tracking giving you three times more the click rate could be related to a bug. I don’t know your Mautic version, but I suggest you to check for updates.

I hope this information is somehow helpful. If you need more help, feel free to ask!

Best regards,