Limit users to specific Segments?

I’ve been playing around with Mautic, and I do believe what I want isn’t possible, but I will ask anyway.

Suppose I have a shopping center with several “tenant” stores. Each store has its own segment. For example, a Segment for “Joe’s Hardware Store” and a Segment for “Sally’s Salon.” There is a webpage for each store at, and each page has a form to subscribe them to their respective segments.

I want to let Joe send emails to the Joes_Hardware_Segment, but not to any of the other Segments. In essence, allowing each “store” to send emails to “their” contacts (whose contacts might also be in other Segments, as well).

Yes this is possible I think. Ideally each store should have its own Mautic, but I think you can achieve what you want mostly.

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Create your segment emails, in the email set up under advanced set the from address to the correct store. U may run into delivery issues though as the SMTP u are using with Mautic is likely set to use only a single domain. U could work around that by using an email address like - then its sending form the same domain but still unique to sally’s Salon.