Mail always drop on spam

Create a contact in Mautic and use the email address that the tester tool gives you -

Send a test email through the Mautic system and see what the results are. You can share the test results URL here. There’s no security concern with the info on the page.

Sorry for the late reply , here is my score on mail tester

here is the link please Mail tester

Here my mail is directly to spam on Gmail when i send it through mautic , it’s different when i send it with Postal smtp

for now, set your p and sp to none.

Depending on how long your DNS has been updated it could be propagating still.

These MX records don’t look right to me

MX records ( :

According to the instructions (not great at French), you were supposed to create a cname for ‘’ and point it to “”. I don’t see that cname registered on

what you mean with p and sp please ?

where do i supposed to edit my dns please? I just edited it from domain hoster and not on my vps

According to the lookup, your NS is

I don’t know if that is your webhost where your VPS is.

First, where did you register your domain? Once registered, did you change your NS settings to point to your VPS host?

lws is my webhost , i use vps with contabo

No i don’t think i ever touch on NS ,

comment puis-je censé faire pour pointer NS vers mon serveur vps s’il vous plait

Sorry, I’m confused. LWS is where you registered your domain name yes?

Webhost and where you host your website are the same thing, in this case, your VPS Contabo. Are you also hosting your Mautic on the same VPS on Contabo?

Its not your settings, I think its list quality or content is the issue. How fast are you sending?

Oui j’ai enregistré mon nom de domaine chez lws et c’est mon hebergeur web aussi y a peu de temps . Depuis que j’ai commencé mautic j’ai décidé à transferer mon domaine chez contabo( sans avoir encore configurer le NS chez LWS donc je pense que lws heberge encore mon domaine principale qui est ) Par contre mautic est hebergé dans un vps chez contabo , ainsi que Postal smtp sous un sous domain et .

Hello , my speed send on mautic you mean ? Or POSTAL SMTP please ?

F you are using Postal then your own ip reputation is what matters.
Read this post:

Mais quand j’envoie des mails directement via postal , mes mails ne sont pas spam

Do you mean when u send individual emails to your test? That is because its 1 email. And because its a test with no bulk header and other mass sending related info.

When u send bulk totally different rules apply to you.

Just because you spambox 10 ppl doesnt mean you spambox 1000.

oui quand j’ai envoyé des mails à 5 personnes sur Postal , je ne suis pas en spam ! mais quand j’envoie pour 5 personnes sur mautic , ils sont directement au spam .

Oui vous avez totalement raison à ce point

I depends on many things, but for sure not Mautic is the culprit.