Mautic ID not merged after form submit

Mautic Version

4.1.x series

PHP version


What browsers are you seeing the problem on?


What happened?


On our website we have a few forms. In Chrome the tracking doesn’t seem to work properly, however it works correctly in Firefox. Are you guys aware of any issues in Chrome?

How can we reproduce this issue?

Below I describe how I expect it to work and how it currently works in Firefox:

  1. When I visit the page and accept the cookies a Mautic ID is created in the local storage. For example 123456
  2. When I submit a form on the site and I’m a know lead the Mautic ID in the local storage changes to the ID I have in Mautic. For example 727272
  3. All the page hits I do are registered under 727272
  4. When I want to submit more forms the questions which are answered already in Mautic are hidden.

In Chrome step 2 doesn’t happen. So when I’m a known user the form submit happens under ID 727272, but all the page hits are registered under ID 123456.

This is a bit annoying because we for example would like to track if users look at specific pages.

The site is built on Wordpress, I added the forms using the Wordpress plugin. The script is loaded after users accept the cookies via Google Tag Manager.