Need some creative thinking on using Mautic for CRM functionality

I have a customer who is getting leads from a 3rd party service. I am pushing those leads into Mautic via API and adding them to segment called “follow up” via the application of a tag called follow up.

My client then calls each person. He is recording the outcome of the call using the notes option.

The request now is how best to schedule a next action. For example, “Call back in 3 months”.

I have considered applying a tag “Call back in 3 months” and using that to create a segment. But the issue then is the 3 month period depends on the date the tag is applied.

The ultimate goal here is to have a simple as possible system when a user can know what the sales status is of a contact and what the next step should be and when.

I realise this is the job of a CRM and not Mautic but Mautic is very flexible and hoping a clever mautician might have some of a solution.

Hi @robm,

Mautic is indeed not a CRM tool and should not be used as such. In fact, I don’t recommend to the company’s clients to use Mautic thinking it’s a CRM, because a tool of that kind is more complex and offers more options that can be much more useful than Mautic.

However, if you intend to use Mautic for that purpose, you can resort to campaigns. For instance, when the tag “Call back in 3 months” is present on a contact, you can set up Mautic to automatically send an email to the platform manager after 90 days. Create the campaign and activate the “Allow contacts to restart the campaign” feature so that the campaign is always active, and contacts can enter and exit the campaign as needed.


Instead of tags, you can also use custom fields to address the issue if it applies to all contacts.

There might even be a community-made plugin for this purpose, but I must admit I’m not aware of any. You’ll have to check GitHub to see if there are indeed any available.

Hope this helps.
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I’ve been in a similar situation before, juggling different systems to streamline workflows. Have you ever considered integrating a DMS workflow? It might sound fancy, but trust me, it can simplify things massively. I remember when I implemented it for a client, it transformed how they managed their sales process.