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Progressive profiling

In my experience the intention of progressive profiling is to only show a fixed number of fields on a form to increase conversion rate but progressively collect more info from the user each time they visit a form. I can’t figure out how that’s possible in Mautic.

Ideally I would build a form with 20 fields and only show 3 of them per visit. Once the user fills in fields 1, 2 & 3 on the first form-fill (email being field 1) then the next time they visit that form it would show fields 1, 4 & 5 (but not 6 through 20).

Each time they complete two more fields the next two would show cycling though 6-20 until they were all completed.

Is there any way to accomplish this behavior?

This is exactly how Mautic forms work. Check again where each field is able to be listed as progressive and when to show the field.

Thanks for the reply @dbhurley. I may need a little more info though as I can’t figure out, using the features available, how to make this work. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. I created 10 custom fields.
  2. I created a new form
  3. I added the email field and set all properties to normal
  4. I added first name & last name and set “Show When Value Exists” behavior to NO
  5. Next I add my 10 custom fields for each of those set “Show When Value Exists” behavior to NO

When a user loads that form the first time it shows all 13 fields. I would like it to only show three fields each time a user loads the form.
Something like…
Load #1 they would see and fill in email, first name, last name
Load #2 they would still see email but would fill in CustomField#1 and CustomField#2
Load #3 they would still see email but would fill in CustomField#3 and CustomField#4
Each time they load the form they would get two new fields until all 13 we completed.

Am I missing a feature somewhere? I have more experience in Hubspot so I could be approaching this with the wrong lens.

I think I may have spotted the disconnect but I’m still not sure how to resolve the issue. Right now, if I have three Assets, each with their own landing and conversion page in Wordpress, it seems I would need to build three forms; one for each asset.

Form 1, on landing page 1, when completed would forward you to conversion page 1 where a user could click a button to download asset 1.

The way I have it setup right now is form 2, would reside on landing page 2 and take you to conversion page 2 to download asset 2.

If I can use the same form on all three landing pages and somehow that forms becomes aware enough to send me to the right conversion page then I think I understand how Mautic’s progressive profiling would work.

Any help?