Reason Why Mautic Needs To Add Multi Step Form As Soon As Possible

In the modern-day users, attention span is so much less and it will impact a user conversion or not on a website.
One of the most important components of a website is a form and ensuring users fill up this form is important than anything else especially if it qualification form.

The modern marketer has learned to users’ attention into consideration when designing lead forms by asking only important details but however there are times a form will need to carry more than 4 fields and anything more than 5 fields max reduces conversion.

The solution to that was the invention of a multi-step form, that allows users only to see more fields after filling certain filed and this does help increase conversion better.

Mautic lacks this feature although they have something that looks like its but it looks too complex and am not sure it can do the work of a simple multif step form.

This feature is always required and it should be one feature mautic users shouldn’t be denied and tha is why i call for its immediate integratin about any other thing else

There is already the possibility to add pages on forms, and to do progressive profiling (send results to another form, etc).

What feature is it that you see is missing?

That isnt really a multi step maybe also because mautic is written for coders they find it hard to make certain things simple the way it is in the digital marketing space.

Also it lacks so much tutorial also because a lot of people claim many thing dont work well so they cant be making tutor and things break.

A real multi step form for admin is no big task at all infarct i don’t seem to understand how to use progressive form neither send form result to another because it looks like it was written for coders.

I have used many optin form in wordpress such as formcraft and wp fluent forms they show how easy to make a multi step form be. Maybe you need send you a demo admin page so you understand what i think mautic is missing


Also a real multi step form collects all form input at a go by breaking them into groups not seen until current group is filled out and not collect it gradually on each page visit as i think progressive profiling does