Recurring sales reminder and do not send when sold

Hello Mautic community,

I am a bit stuck in my thinking. and I would appreciate your help.
We sell a product where the client should come to us again after 6 month.
Easy part is to setup a campaign that sends it out every 6 month after the initial date.
But what to do when the client for example comes back after 5 month.
Then we do not wnat to send out the 6month reminder but should send out the next one which is again 6 month after the last visit.

I hope you have an idea how I can solve this.

Best wishes


Hi, you can filter for “Date Last Active”.
Does that solve your issue?

Good day. Last active not. We have to add the visit (they come in person) manually. .
This is the part that i get … but how do I get them that the next step of the funnel begins now after the last visit day and not after 24 month after beeing added to the funnel

Can you revise your campaign so that the following applies:

  1. Tag them as purchased 6month_service manually.
  2. Update your campaign to remove the from the campaign if they have the 6month_service tag
  3. Set the campaign to allow a contact to restart.
  4. Update the segment that you use to add if they have the 6month_service tag.

I think that the tag add, the remove from campaign, add to segment, add to campaign process will work if there is some time in when your segment and campaign processes run in cron. maybe run the campaign cron at day end.

Create a custom field “Date Last Visit”
Just add the date of last visit manually. Always the current day.
Then make a segment, where “Date Last Visit is smaller then -6 month”. Don’t use a a concrete date, but use this expression: -6 months or -180 days.

@joeyk solution is better than mine, but you want last visit >6 months, not less, as I understand that you want to only include those that have not been updated a period of 6 months, or more.