Seeking A Mautic Expert to Help With Installation and Configuration

My name is Dan Kioria. I’m the Marketing Director at Reliable Identities Inc. We are seeking a Mautic expert who can help us with the installation, configuration, and integration of a self-hosted Mautic.

We already have one, but some features such as email campaigns and social monitoring are not working properly. We are seeking someone with some expertise with Mautic plugins, especially social media plugins.

Reach me at, or leave an email under the replies and I’ll get back.

Hi Dan, I’ve moved this to the Commercial category as that’s the right place for this kind of post.

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Please also describe what you are trying to achieve. I consider the “Social Media Monitoring” features a bit as a left over from earlier years. The monitoring was mainly working for twitter - but besides building lists based on keywords in the tweets, there wasn’t much to it.

Automated replies won’t work, as you have no good way to understand the sentiment of the message. Also automated responses quickly lead to being blocked in social networks.

Besides Twitter for all the other social networks there was no real easy way to connect and get approval anyway.

So - whats the use case that would justify all the “pain” going through? :wink:

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Thank you for the insight. We are seeking to build lists based on keywords. We have some high intent keywords that we would love to target.

Also, our challenge is not just with social monitoring. I’m seeking a Mautic Expert who can guide us through all the other features.

Hi @dkioria I think you could benefit from our (Aivie) Mautic support flat rate.

With our Mautic Support Business you get the chance to ask all kind of questions. It includes basic questions around how to use the tool, and more advanced ones that are more in the area of marketing automation consulting.

Details and other Mautic Support offers. is a Mautic Partner and has a lot of experience in hosting and managing campaigns with Mautic.


Hope you are well.

i would like to assist you, Please reach me at seth (@) cisinlabs (dot) com