Send email on later date selected via form

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My Mautic version is: 3.3
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My problem is: Sending email on later date selected via form date picker

Hi there,
Just wondering does anyone know how to get mautic to send emails via form date picker selected later date?

Hi, sounds like an interesting feature. Can you ellaborate?

I’ve this form for gitfcards, it is possible to send the gitfcard code, “now” meaning immediately and “on later date” whatever date is selected with the date picker.

Is it possible to send the email on a later date with mautic according to the selected date? If so how?

Hi, sure.

  1. You can save the date as custom field.
  2. Create a segment, where the custom date > -1 day (it means yesterday)
  3. Create a campaign starting with the newly added segment
  4. The first step should be send the specific email after 1 day. (that will be the day you choose)

Thank you for coming back, sorry not clear with the first two steps:
1 - You can save the date as custom field. - how exactly can I do that?
2 - Create a segment, where the custom date > -1 day (it means yesterday) - Ok, I’ve these options within the segment filters which one shall I select?

3 - Should be ok
4 - Should be ok

Hi, you need to create your custom field. It can be done under the gear icon > Custom fields

I’m sorry but I don’t think this is applicable to my case.
I’ve users who will select random dates from the form later date picker, so the emails should be sent accordingly.
Maybe I’m missing something?

I’ll try to make a video next week.

That would be awesome, here’s how my segment and campaign settings look now.

This should help in case you can point out if I’m doing something wrong.

truly looking forward to find a solution to this, any chance you could come back?

Sorry very busy. I’ll record the video for you tomorrow morning.

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Here you go :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help, I’ve set up everything exactly as you are mentioning in your video.
I’ve headed over to my form for testing, picked up tomorrow’s date, and still got the email immediately :frowning:
Not sure what I’m doing wrong, maybe the cron has something to do with that, how shall I set it eventually?

Did u wait 1 day in the email?

Yes this is how my segment and campaign look like, I’ve followed your directions to a t

The email is sent immediately though, what am I doing wrong or missing?

Hmm. Can you plz post here the contact’s timeline relevant info?
Similar to this:

I need to see how the segments / emails are scheduled

Hope I got it right, here’s the screenshot

I don’t see the person landing in the segment.
Are you still sending the Gift card as form action? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean, I’ve followed your directions as mentioned in the video you created, it doesn’t work though.
The email is sent immediately even when the selected date is in the future.
If you can tell me what shall I change in order to get it to work, it might be more productive.

maybe I can give you access to my mautic would that be even easier?