Send mails in campaign with different frequencies

Hey there, we’d like to send contacts through the same campaign/same emails but with different frequencies: e.g. one group should get a daily email, another group should get the same emails but on a weekly basis. Any ideas?

Hi @sarah_swiss,

how do you separate the two (or more) target groups. I was thinking about using tags. So depending on the tag you move them through a kind of decision tree and build the separate mails (I am thinking of a drip campaign here) below the separate branches. Something like this:

You could do the split with the decisions after the first email (Email 1 in my example) theoretically, but I had this idea only after building the example.

But I am not sure, if this is what you would want to do.

Hi @sdoering, thank you very much! I tried that, but then I run into a problem when the tags change while the contact is in the campaign. I want to be able to “switch” contacts from one frequency to another. So far I could only do this via segments and different campaigns - but not within a campaign.

HI @sarah_swiss

You could achieve this with a condition after each send to see if the contact now contains a specific tag that would change their frequency, and then on the positive of this condition you could use a “jump event” to jump them to the different frequency path - does this make sense ? If not I will try and build it out visually for you.

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You can store the frequency in a contact’s custom field and then do segmentation based on that field, then you can make a campaign based on those segments, using segment for automation through campaign can make you jump easily.

We can also do that for you.

Thank You :slightly_smiling_face: "

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