Sending with Microsoft 365 email?

Has anybody ever gotten Mautic to send emails via Microsoft Office 365 email?

I have a client with a Mautic instance that is interested in migrating from a dedicated SMTP email server to Microsoft Office 365.

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Maybe this helps Exchange Online limits - Service Descriptions | Microsoft Learn

Exchange Online customers who need to send legitimate bulk commercial email (for example, customer newsletters) should use third-party providers that specialize in these services.

As you can see in the Exchange Online documentation reference, this service isn’t intended for sending bulk emails. You should consider using other services like Amazon SES or similar options for such purposes.

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The use case in this instance isn’t really “bulk” emails. Rather a sales team that wants to use Mautic to automate follow-up emails. Each sales rep would probably send 50ish emails per day, and it would likely replace the emails they’re already sending now, manually. Not sure what is considered “bulk.”


  • Server Address:
  • Username: Your Office 365 Address (e.g.
  • Password: Your Office 365 Password
  • Port Number: 587 (With TLS)
  • Authentication: Required
  • Sending Limits: 10,000 Emails a day

Hey @oguruma
We’ve done that with several clients and it was always a hassle. The connection was very slow (both sending and connecting) and the rate limit was always a problem.

But I would assume that it is okay for sending follow up emails.

One thing I like to mention is that is also possible to use your own mailserver to send the mails:


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In this recent publication you can learn about the bulk and marketing email Understand the Difference: Transactional and Marketing Emails in Mautic - Mautic Knowledgebase