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Tracking points for an email : choose "visit page" or "click email"?

I have a question when setting up a campaign :

Should I track page visit or email clic ? If I associate point fot both of them, the result of the point report would be the same which is ok for me.

But wonder which one would give the best tracking result ?

Also, which one to choose in a automation marketing campaign ? I was thinking about a campaign of by example 3 mails : there is 1 first email and the 2 others will be sent according to where the user would click.

So basically the mail n°1 will be sent for sure then :
If the user click link 1 = Mautic will send the n°2 mail, 6 days after
If the user click link 2 = Mautic will send the n°3 mail 7 days after

What would be the best to track the click between “visit page” or “click email” ?

So I would go “page visit”, what quite a lot of Anti-virus application do is they click on the links to see if there’s a viral payload on the other side, which automation systems return as a click.

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Thanks for your reply ! Yes that sounds good to me too :+1:

Another question about the tracking, should I :

  1. add the visit page tracking + points for the action in the campaign ?

  2. add the visit page tracking + points for the action directly in the point manager ?

Note that my final point is to export the point report. So no matter where the points tracking would be created I just want to know the best way of not loosing any data.

I have a feeling, according to some previous email stats, that we were able to track more visit/clics with the 2nd method but I don’t know if it’s true or even logical.

Campaign if you segment your contacts in any way.