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Unsubscribe link isn't showing up in the emails! How do I fix that?

I just sent out my first campaign to thousands of people and to my horror there is no unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails!! Just the code: {unsubscribe_text}

What could be wrong?

I looked in the settings and this is what I see for unsubscribe setting
Unsub settings

This was my biggest fear and it came true! I feel like I tested all this to death but you can’t see everything in the tests …user names etc, don’t come through.

Any help on fixing this much appreciated. Thanks in advance

Sorry, This is the image of the unsubscribe settings:
Unsub Settings
It didn’t come through above and I can’t seem to edit my post

ok, I think I figured it out. One of these switches was set to ‘Yes’
I switched them all to ‘No’ and the unsubscribe link is now clickable again

Unsubscribe settings

I am having this same problem, but I did not have any of those toggles switched on… it’s just not providing a link. Any others seeing this? I am using on-prem private hosted instance.