Getting error when attempting to save settings on fresh install

I get an error when attempting to save anything in the Settings > Configuration Settings. I can’t even save my Email Settings.

Error: “your request could not be processed, please try again”

I installed Mautic onto a sub-domain that I have hosted on DreamHost. I had no problems with the installation but I can’t save any settings in the software. Today I created a new sub-domain, created a new MySQL database, installed Mautic and tested again and I’m getting the same results.

In both instances I installed Mautic v5.0.3 and I changed my PHP from 8.2 to 8.1 before installation. I am unable to locate where it tells me what version of MySQL I am using. If that becomes vital I will contact my support to determine how to locate that information. In both installs I had to copy the extracted files over to my server using FTP. If I attempted to extract the zip on the server it would time out during the extraction.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

~ Bob

PS: I should mention that I found a reference to another person having a similar issue in 2017 (Unable To Save Settings - #6 by gigcity) and they were able to correct it themselves but their fix is a little over my head. If I need to change the file permissions to the local.php file I am able to do that through FTP or the tools available to me through DreamHost.

My VPS support was able to determine the issue that was causing my problem. I’ll post it here as a possible fix in case any others experience this issue in the future.

The support team located firewall errors on my server “Indicating a ModSecurity/Firewall access denied error”. I’ve been using vpn lately when surfing and this triggered a security issue somehow. I disabled the firewall on my website and Mautic is able to save the settings properly now. The support person was able to add exceptions to the firewall so I can turn it back on now.

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