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Sending an email from Mautic at sign up

I am noticing that whenever I try to sign up to my site ( I do not receive any emails, my wife has tried as well and it doesn’t send an email.
I guess the problem lies within my settings - but I am unable to find what is wrong.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.


Is your Mautic properly setting? Or you just install Mautic in the server?

I think it is set up right, but not sure. It is installed on

@jharder, you will have to do two things:

  1. Somehow handle the signup (form action or via campaign)
  2. Configure the cron jobs as documented

Thanks @PeterTL

I am not sure exactly what you mean, a little more explaination or documentation, would be helpful.

Sure. :slight_smile:

Let’s clear some things up first:

  1. How should Mautic send emails (SMTP, ESP)?

  2. What does the connection test in email configuration say?

  3. Do test emails sent to a contact directly work?

  4. How is your signup intended to work? What elements did you use to implement your signup (form, landing page, campaign etc.)?

My test connection says “success” through SparkPost.
When I click Send Test Email:
It says this:

I get an error message with a code: 7001 - invalid domain, description - unconfigured sending domain

I tried to send an email to my wife’s email, (she signed up and that worked, but she didn’t receive the 1st email) so I went and sent it manual, and it said it went out but she did not receive it in her email.
Custom Email: CryptoTBC Please confirm… Email sent Yesterday, 9:22 pm

I set up a segment and a campaign to connect with the sign up. The connection worked, just no emails go out.

I hope this is clear.
Thanks again for the help

The emailing I use is sparkpost and in there it says the domain is set up to send with DKIM-signing.

The message

invalid domain, description – unconfigured sending domain

says exactly what has to be done. If you - let’s say - send an email with the from address you will have to configure as sending domain in SparkPost (Account > Sending Domains > Add a Domain).

Thanks, I set that up now.

It still is not working correctly, no email got sent??

My domain in sparkpost is and my -send email from- is

Still the same error message?

No, it says sent now. We just tried to sign up again, might have to wait a bit to see if it is actually working now.

Could have something to do with the “Send email” action in the campaign. If it is marked as marketing email it won’t be sent out to the contact another time.

If you want me to test it with my email address, just post (or PM) the signup URL and I will try.

I am not sure where you mean for the action in campaign, I think I used the Marketing setting.
How can I check it?

That would be good if you could sign up. Thanks

I know what the problem is. :slight_smile:

In email settings you give (kind of) a global value of your from email address. It is used if you send a test email - which works as I understood.

BUT: In the email template (Channels > Emails) you can set another email address as from email address. Which email address did you use as from address in the email template?

In the email template - it is blank.

Yes, and in this case your user profile email address is used - and I guess your user email address has a domain which is not a registered sending domain in SparkPost.

You can test it easily: use the email address you mentioned some postings ago to send the email.

When I preview the email - it shows at the bottom from - John Harder (just in the email itself) not sure of settings, I would have to look.

could this be the issue ?

When I preview the email in the campaign- it shows at the bottom from - John Harder (just in the email itself) not sure of settings, I would have to look.

could this be the issue ?

You can do 2 things: Either use in your email template (I would recommend this) or register as sending domain in SparkPost.

You can test it easily: open your email template (Channels > Emails) and enter your in the from email address field - after that send and email.