What is your approach for resending emails to non-openers?

Hi all,
I am curious how you handle the resending of a newsletter (e.g.) after x days, to non-openers, through a single campaign.
There are 2 issues I would like to highlight:

  1. If contacts do not allow the download of images, the Email read event is not triggered. So, if they click the URLs in emails, Mautic is not reporting the email as being Read, so the Decision “Opens Email” is not very accurate.
  2. Are you using Transactional Emails for this situation? Otherwise, selecting the email of Marketing type, would not be resent.

I appreciate your insights regarding best practices for managing this common situation.

Given that many ant spam providers will open emails to check the content, plus the situation of recipients blocking email images means open rates are very inaccurate and, in my opinion, cannot form part of an automation anymore.

Even link clicks and page visits are not accurate as the anti spam bots will not only open the email but also click links and visit urls.

Basically it’s almost impossible to rely on email data to trigger next steps with any accuracy. I think a complete rethink of triggers and actions is needed. Email replies, and form completions might have be incorporated more.

I would love to hear how others are managing this.

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Hi @ilo

So you and @robm are both correct, you will get a number of false positives and false negatives on opens, there is a number of ways around this, but they all involve some interaction from the user, for example getting them to click a certain link and tracking that landed page.

In response to part 2, there is a difference between sending transact and marketing messages. From my understanding when you send a marketing message it appends to the header something telling the ISP that you are sending bulk mail and this way they do not penalize you.
I ran into this when wanting to resend an RSS mailer all the time, and found a way to overwrite this setting in mautic. The answer is in this forum post: Disabling Do not Send Marketing Messages to the Same Contact